Longevity scientific resort


A network of uninhabited island hotels across the mild climate territories around the world with focus on longevity treatments & clinical trials.

We plan to deliver to our customers the latest longevity technologies & treatments and offer participation in the breakthrough longevity clinical trials.

Live Smart Live Longer

Forget Love IslandWelcome to Longevity Island

Consortium reveals plans to build dedicated personalized longevity resort on Maldives island.


No, it’s not a concept for a new TV reality show — a small island in the Maldives could soon become home to an exclusive resort, where well-heeled individuals and their families can access the latest in longevity treatments. A consortium of longevity-focused business people, scientists and clinicians plans to turn the uninhabited island in the Maldives archipelago into the first in a network of «Longevity Scientific Resorts.»

The hope is that the work conducted at the resorts can ultimately benefit everyone else by accelerating longevity research and clinical practice into the mainstream.

Longevity.Technology: The group behind this initiative includes Martin O’Dea, managing director of Longevity Clinic Ireland, evidence-based longevity practitioner Oliver Zolman MD, futurist and author José Cordeiro, and Longevity InTime CEO Oleg Teterin, among others. We caught up with Teterin and Zolman to find out more.

Longevity Factors

  • Social Recognition
  • Fitness & Wellness Activity
  • Social Connections
  • Work
  • Balanced Nutrition's
  • Mild Climate

Our Services

  • 30 days + stay in an over-water villa
  • Access only to designated customers
  • Fitness & spa. Standard resort activities
  • Longevity clinical trials for selected clients
  • Tracking 30 days before stay & lifetime after stay
  • Longevity treatments conducted by leading scientists
  • Nutrition plan designed by leading longevity scientists

Proposed Locations

Maldives, Funadhooviligilla, Gaafu Alif

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Possible Risk

  • Mindset of local service personnel
  • COVID-related travel restrictions
  • Tough high-end hotel competition


  • Family health tracking 1 month prior to visit
  • Mild climate all year
  • Participate first in longevity clinical trials
  • The country’s best longevity-focused facility
  • Patent pending concept
  • Sustainable energy solutions only
  • Deep longevity treatments (Level 1,2) & trials (Level 3)
  • During the stay & lifetime after the stay using proprietary technology
  • A chance to become the trend setter in the world
  • Smart home tracking devices & wearables for permanent collection of essential biodata of guests

Roadmap in Months

R&D of longevity treatment & clinical trials products

Plan A. Project development

Plan B. Testing an island as healthy living camping accommodation

Testing the proposed island for logistics & possible risks. Plan B revenue generation

Construction of a medical longevity-focused center with an ICU unit

Construction of 20 wood & glass villas

Pre-sales & promotion

Loan from the India State Bank

Test launch

Official launch

Summarizing feedback

Start to develop second island resort

R&D on the project started on 6 of January 2021. 24 June 2021 InTime BioTech LLC participated & won in the bidding for an island. Plan to launch the Resort by the end of 2022.

This is our amazing team

  • .Oleg Teterin CEO

    Produced award winning J. Favreau «Chef» (R.Downey Jr., S. Johansson) Advisor to News Outdoor $400M deal

  • .Martin O Dea

    Business Strategist and author. CEO of Longevity Accelerator. Dublin, Ireland

  • .Stanislav Skakoon

    Life sciences & biohacking expert, Russia

  • .Oliver Zolman MD

    Evidence-Based Longevity expert, founder of 20one Consulting Ltd, Cambridge, UK.

  • .Jose Cordeiro

    MBA, PhD, Longevity Scientific Ambassador, Spain

  • .Alexander Zgurskiy

    Developer Scientist, PhD R&D, Russia